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Sell on LinkedIn. Effortlessly.

Download contacts, bulk invite, message, endorse and more.

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Connect in Bulk

Shortlist a set of people you want to connect with and send profile invites in bulk. Even customize the message that you send to connect and see higher connect conversion!

Download LinkedIn Contacts

Want to use good ol' Excel to sift through profile data and shortlist candidates to hire or prospects to sell to? Easily download over 40+ fields of LinkedIn profiles to Excel.

Customized MessagING

Got a product update or a new marketing offer to share with your contacts? Send messages in bulk and customize them using contact name, company and more!


Want to increase your profile strength by increasing your own endorsements? We've noticed when you endorse others, they endorse you back 30-50% of times.

Frequently asked questions

What is Intent for LinkedIn?

Intent for LinkedIn is a Chrome extension that helps you be more productive in LinkedIn by automating tedious tasks. It can send connect requests, download profile data, send messages and endorse others automatically. 

We have seen that those who use this app manage to sell and recruit on LinkedIn much more efficiently and in a shorter amount of time than others!

How much does it cost to use Intent for LinkedIn?

Intent for LinkedIn is free while it is in beta and being improved. Please use it and share your feedback.

What should we keep in mind while using this app?

While this app helps you automate actions on LinkedIn , we would request you to be careful and not go overboard. Don't try to scrape thousands of LinkedIn profiles in one day because LinkedIn might block your account temporarily.

How to download LinkedIn contacts?



  1. Select Bulk Download Contacts from the first dropdown.
  2. Next you have to create a list of contacts you want to download. Create a new list by clicking on New List button and giving it a name eg. HR managers.
  3. Click on Collect Contacts button to go to LinkedIn Search page. Modify the LinkedIn search parameters to get a list of contacts. Again click on Collect Contacts button to automatically start collecting contacts.
  4. Once you have collected enough contacts, you can click Manage List to remove contacts you don't want to download. Select these contacts and click on Ignored button to move them to the Ignored tab.
  5. Finally, go to the Download tab and click on Start Capturing Profiles to automatically open each profile and save all the profile data.
  6. Once done, click on Download Profiles button to download a CSV file with all the profile data.

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